Blood Tests at Home

Blood collection by experienced phlebotomists.


Metropolis Labs is a chain of diagnostic companies, with its central laboratory in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Metropolis Healthcare has a chain of 125 labs and 800 collection centers across India, Sri Lanka, UAE, South Africa, Kenya, Mauritus and Ghana markets in South Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Dr. Lal PathLabs is NABL certified pathology lab in India. It is also among the few Indian laboratories which accredited by CAP (College of American Pathologists) and Certified by ISO 9001 (International Organization of Standardization).

Popular Tests

CBC ESR | Blood Group ABO & Rh Typing | Vitamin D Total-25 Hydroxy | TSH | Thyroid Panel (T3, T4, TSH) | PSA | LFT | Lipid Profile | Iron Studies | HbA1c | IgE Total | CRP | Calcium Total | Glucose | CBC Haemogram | Urea | Creatinine | Amylase | Lipase | Peripheral Smear Examination | Widal Test | MP | MPDA | Dengue Profile | HIV | HBSAg | Anti HCV | Ferritin | Sodium | Potassium | Uric Acid | Albumin/Creatinine Ratio (Urine) | Urine RE | Cortisol | Urine CS | Anti CCP | CRP | RA Factor

Full Body Checkup

CBC, ESR, RBS, Total Cholesterol, Tryglycerides (TG), Bilirubin Total, SGOT,  SGPT,  TSH, creatinine…….

Heart Checkup

CBC, RBS, Lipid Profile , Serum Potassium, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Creatinine, ECG……….

Diabetes Checkup

FBS, HbA1C, Lipid Profile,Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN),Serum Creatinine,Urine Routine test…

Arthritis Checkup

CBC, ESR, CRP, Uric Acid, RA Factor, ASO-Anti streptolysin O…….

Get Your Lab Test Done at Home in 3 Easy Steps

1. Request a Call Back

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2. Get Sample Collected

Get your Sample Collected from your Home.

3. Get Your Report

Collect Your Report Online or From our Blood Collection Centre.


When will I get the call of confirmation for collection of sample?

Customers booking post 7 pm will be contacted the next working day to confirm the appointment for sample collection. You shall receive an SMS with collection details.

Who will come to draw the samples?

Phlebotomists is trained technician for drawing sample. They are trained and certified specially for drawing samples. They have good number years of experience.

Any pre instructions for sample collection?

Different tests have different instruction .

Fasting state recommended. (You can have water, and black tea (with no sugar), but no coffee or breakfast in the morning. Kindly take your regular medicines if any (Unless otherwise specified by your Doctor). Prefer to have light dinner a night prior.

What is the payment method for Test ?

Payment to be made by cash during sample collection.

When will i get the reports?

Report depends of type of tests. Generally the soft copies of reports are available within 1-3 days after sample collection. An SMS of report ready shall be sent to patient as soon as report is ready. Also, report can be downloaded from your account.Hard copies of reports to be collected from our  collection centre.

What is the customer care number & email id of MedConnectKart

You can contact us at 8945834160 or Mail us at .